01 Jun

I have some issue of my sensitivity. It is not like I am always being sensitive but I am always being insensitive. Sometimes, I pull out a jokes… which I thought it will be fun to discuss… but the other party thought that I really mean that. So crazy. Even though I have always with them, how can not they know the difference of being serious and joking.

Well… It’s been a while. But… Sorry that my first post after that long time is a complain. But I just can not figure it out. I have been with them for like a long time yet they can not understand my joke? How ridiculous is that?

Argh … I guess that People has their side of sensitivity… Like myself… I am being so easily upset when my moods is down or when I am busy. But, even though that is the way a human being use to be, they never allowed me to be upset at them.

I am really mad… So mad… How can people do that to other people? Asking them to never upset about their behavior but never do the same in return.

Is it me who is insensitive? or is it them?

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