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Movie : Crazy Little Thing Called Love (my version of missing part)

I have try to ignore this. My curiosity and my will to complete the missing part of the movie keeps my mind, my brain actually, works. So, let me show you how is my imagination comes to be to explain every question I have since I saw this movie. I apologize if there is something wrong, or not too logic, false grammar, and maybe false type. ^^

This is just for my fun. But, if the director thinks it is good, I will be very proud. Hahaha…

(I think Self-centered is not a sin sometimes. hohoho… )

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

p.s. there is a sequal (Finally!). it will be a story around the 9 years that missing between them.

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Turning into Love

Ini cerpen kesekianku. yang lain ga selesai. hahahah…. coba dibaca ya…

Turn into Love

Give some comment for me. after all, i am an amateur writer. ^^

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Posted by on February 8, 2010 in CerpenLikely