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Ocean Heaven

Have you ever heard of Jet Li????
What does come to your mind when you heard of Jet Li?

Well, if you said Kung Fu then its ok. ^^ he is well-known by his kung fu movies as well as Jackie Chan.

But… this will be the turning point of his impression in your mind.

In this movie, Jet Li take a role of a father who has uncureable disease that left him no choice other than leaving his only son who is autistic. At first, he thought of having the way to die together with his son. He does not want to leave his son behind because he thought that his son will be suffered and became burden for everyone. So he decide to suicide by drowning both of them.

Unfortunately, with his ability which is similiar as a fish, his son save both of them. He see this as a sign that there is a place in this world where his son can survive and live his life.

Maybe… you think that this is like another heart-touching movie. Well, it is. But, the way both of them express their feelings is the important lesson from this movie. I can tell if this is the best movie ever but for me this is the best movie to describe unconditional love.

This movie called “Ocean Heaven”

There is a place for everybody and there is a way for them to survive no matter what.


Read this after you watch the movie. ^^


The beginning …

The Father is having an agony whether he has to let the child joined him in death or create a place where he can lived when he die. the journey is not simple. He has to search for social places that accept people like his child. He search here and there. He also has to teach his child how to do a simple thing, things that he needs to do without depends to other people.

When he teach his child, he do it patiently… the emotion being written in his face let me feel how difficult it is to teach an autism child to do a simple thing. he has to apologize to several people because of the disturbance. but he keeps patiently teach his child how to ride a bus to workplace and come back, how to cook breakfast, how to sweep, and in the end, he pretends to be a turtle so his child will always know that he did not left him behind because everytime he swim besides the turtle, his father is there for him.

This story is really simple, an unconditional love from a father towards a child that won’t do anything in return. His father know his child cant do anything but at least he create a live where he can survive. It simple but this is what struggle means.

There is lot of kind of struggle a person have to faced. It is different from one people to another. Struggle is not a problem… struggle is a challenge from life… it will let us to use our brain and think how to solve the problem. It will let us experience one emotion to another emotion. it will create who we are in the future. People tends to avoid struggle in their life, but i say face the struggle with every courage you have, it will be scary of course, but it also will be in the past once we going through it.

In the end, the most benefit will be with us. And thats why Struggle is the best teacher ever.

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Idol Caught Me Finally

Truthfully, i think i am crazy right now. I have this personality to store someone selfimage by judging their way of doing thing a.k.a objective judgement. That is the reason why i have hard time to understand hardcore fans feeling. Of course, even though i do not understand, i never insult them.

That way of mine change after i know Cho Kyu Hyun. Who is he? He is a member of super junior. The 13th member or we also can said that he is a magnae. Magnae means the youngest. He also the 13th member that join Super Junior.

My First and Last Idol .. ^^


I know Super Junior since 2007. At that time my only girl friend in my major likes Super Junior. At that time i am not interest at all about them. i just remind my friend to stay focus to study also. Then… They appears again in news when two of the member took role in a drama based on my fav Manga, Skip Beat. Both of the member are Siwon and Donghae.

I know Siwon since he is quite famous. That is the first time I saw Donghae. He gives me feeling of a handsome man yet well manner kind of man. Of course i likes him more than Siwon. Then… Comes my junior who is Leetuek’s hardcore fans. She told me that Suju consist of dork member, they are funny. At that time, she told me that she do a lot of effort to attend SS4 INA Concert.

After SS4 INA end, There is me who still in a state of ignorant. My junior comes back with happiness, she manage to have eye-contact with Leetuek. She is so happy. Because of curiousity, i ask more about Suju. She suggest me to watch intimate notes via

I think this is the trap that i will falls deeper and deeper, when i flashback. Hahaha…

Since Suju consist of alot of member, they do have some members that awkward to each other. To makes ice breaker, the awkward members will given missions to accomplish together. At the first appearance, there are 6 members take off the van. Nah…. This is the trap that i can not believe at first i will falls to.

A man is being eye-catching to me since his first appearance. He introduce himself as Kyu Hyun. The interesting part of that moment is, even though it is my first time to see him, there is something in him that makes me tell myself that he gives me witty, naughty, and pranksmaker feeling. As the show rolling, my thought proven to be right. His action is hilarious. I begins to search more show that he has been attended. I found out that he is one of the member that has less activity yet the most anticipate person compare to all member. His action just hilarious and makes people curious. A lot of people seems agree to me. ^^

Variety show that is In Must watch List

Even though you are not super junior fans, i still suggest you to check out this video. They are hilarious enough to save your day.

  1. Intimate Notes – You can find it in
  2. Super Junior Foresight
  3. Super Junior M Variety Show – Search it in
  4. Strong Hearts – There are some episode with Suju but I only watch episode with Kyu Hyun only.
  5. Hello Talk

Well, maybe it is enough. ^^ I hope that you can enjoy this.


There are some song that I recomend for you:

  1. Listen to you – Kyu Hyun
  2. Hope is a dream that doesn’t sleep – Kyu Hyun Solo
  3. 7 Years of Love – Kyu Hyun Solo
  4. No Other – Super Junior
  5. Mr. Simple – Super Junior
  6. Perfection – Super Junior M
  7. Storm – Super Junior
  8. Bonamana – Super Junior
  9. Opera – Super Junior
  10. It’s You – Super Junior

Maybe I will share 10 songs only. You might want to know they newest song in 6jib. Fortunately, you can download it in full version. I hope that you likes it and if you do then please buy their albums.

N.B. Kyu Hyun, if you will ever comes to my blog, Sarangheyo. You have change my life and be grateful of that! ^^ Not just anybody can change my life like you do. LOL. In my eyes you are precious and will be still precious even though we get older.

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Movie : The Next Three Days

I have watch this movie twice. Russell Crowe really amazed me a lot by playing semi action semi drama movie like this. Maybe, it is more specific if I say that this kind of movie is playing the watcher’s mind. I am so recommend this movie! you won’t regret, I promise.



John is a lecturer of an university. His wife is being prisoner for suspected in a murder case. it is already so many ways they have been through to prove that Lara is innocent. But, the fact is, the detective say that Lara’s fingerprint on the murder weapon is unbreakable. Looking Lara is being sad and lost her mind day by day, John is starting to search for alternative way to free Lara. Well, the question is, Pittsburgh is tough for it has a lot of tunnel and bridge, in a moment Police can cover a big area. Will John’s plan succeed?


I have never watch a movie like this. It is different, new for me, and really plays with my adrenaline. there is a lot of thing that makes John’s plan impossible. But, the way he thinks is more unbelievable. There is no fight, just some shoot by gun, but the way it roles from one scene to another will surprise you.

I really likes this movie a lot. Here the trailer.

Official Trailer
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Movie : Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Last Saturday I was watching a movie that makes me feel so obsessed. why? because the story is too beautiful to be true.

the title is "Crazy Little Thing Called Love". This is one of Thai movie that I love so much.

Shone and Nam in the bridgethe little thing called love


this is a story about first grade of junior high school student, Nam. She is really ugly with her three best friend who is not far difference as her. She has crush to a first grade of senior high school guy named Shone. Shone is an idol in the school. Nam begins to do a lot of thing to reach him. She follow every step she read from a book. but unfortunately, Shone’s friend is the one fall for her once she becomes beautiful. How will Nam react to Top approach toward her? Will Shone love her in the end?

This is a must and so worth-it movie to be watch. You will not regret it, I promise.

But, there is some part that is missing. I afraid that it will makes me so curious, so that i made extra story to make it sounds more logic and systematical. I have a lot of question i have been wondering since i watch this movie. there are:

  1. Why Shone never show anything that give Nam sign which tell her that he is interest in her?
  2. Why both of them can be so sure of each other feeling so that they still wait until 9 years apart?
  3. What happen in 9 years waiting?
  4. Why they have to wait for a long time to tell each other how they feel?

I Love this Movie soooo much. I have researched it in Google and found an issue about the sequel. I really hope it is true. I will really looking forward for it.


Shone and Nam is so good for each other. Love them very much. ^^


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He is Beautiful

Ini adalah drama korea yang bercerita tentang Go Mi Nyu, seorang gadis yang harus menggantikan Saudara Kembar Laki-lakinya pada awal debut karir sebagai Bintang pop Korea. Saudara Kembar Laki-lakinya untuk sementara tidak bisa berada di Korea karena mengalami kecelakaan. Go Mi Nyu akhirnya melepaskan jalannya sebagai biarawati dan akhirnya menemukan cintanya selama dia menjadi Go Mi Nam. Siapakah pasangannya? Tae Kyung yang cool abis, Shin Woo yang romantis, atau Jeremy yang playful?

Aku sendiri entah kenapa tidak pernah bosan menonton drama series ini. Hingga saat ini, mungkin kira-kira sudah kutonton 10 kali dari episode pertama hingga episode terakhir. Lagu-lagunya pun enak untuk didengar. ^^

O, ya.. aku ingin sekali punya boneka seperti yang dia punya!!!! ahahhaa… soooo CUUUTEEEE!


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S Club 7 Maniaaa

Uda pernah nonton “Seeing Double” yang dimainkan oleh S Club 7 belum? ni salah satu lagu yang ada di dalam filmnya. ^^ love it a lot!

Don’t Stop Moving
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Spongebob Concert!!!

Spongebob dalam episode yang menurutku keren abiz pas dia nyanyi2, hahaha.. walaupun kualitas di ga bagus2 amat.

Sweet Victory by Spongebob Squarepants


Pas nonton, perasaanku tercampur aduk – antara ketawa dan takjub. hahahah.. keren banget! Love Spongebob! ^^

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