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Ahok : Bersih, Transparan, Profesional

Clean, Transparent, and Professional is Mr. Ahok’s motto as a government employee. His history of political life is interesting. He is a child of a father that have high social sense. His father educated his child to be a person that has sense of helping people around them without thinking about the differences. Father teaches Ahok that the poor can not win against the rich, the rich can not win against the government. At that time Ahok and his siblings only achieve this words without any complains.

One day Ahok got some issue with the government. His business being close down. But he is not someone that sit around and do nothing. So, he has this action to asked for justice. But, it is not going well. He remembered his father lesson a lot so he tried to be the government employee. At first he think that being the chief of city should be enough. But the situation force him to go further. His social sense is similar to his father. The motivation of being a government employee is not about to gain profit in wealth but to gain profit in social.

He is aware that amount money will never be enough to help people. Even he has IDR1000000, it will help only 200 families and not in a long term. So, he decide to use that money for campaign and refuse money campaign way. He try to build trust without using money. At first, he is failed because the trust does not enough yet to make him sit in the government. But, the failure is not a real failure. He gain a lot of trust after that. People that choose other candidate finally see the difference between him and the other candidate. But, having a lot voices of people still has to be supported with a fair system. So, in the next selection, some of media tried to documentation the selection day. It is purpose to avoid cheating by the person in charge. With both of this changes, he wins approximately 63% in a village that mostly being occupied by Muslim. FYI, Ahok as his name has been state is a Tiong Hoa and Christians. Some people said that it is double size of unlucky. But he proves that background has nothing to do with the selection.

He ever said that people are not a fool. They just losing hope so when the candidates offer money, they will receive it because for them anyone sit in the government is the same, there will no changes.

He offer this changes to people. What action does he use to do his duty?

  1. Everybody can contact him through media social such as twitter, facebook, and his private website. He also shares his phone number to makes the communication easier.
  2. For some people that has difficulty in using digital communication, he opens dialogue session after office hour where anyone who comes can enjoyed coffee, snack, etc.
  3. He always said that problems has to be solve but we have to search the main problems first.
  4. He offer solution more than theory – My conclusion after watch his several video
  5. Before he agreed to be supported by the PDIP, Hanura, and Gerindra, He already state that if he is choose by the people to sit as vice governor of Jakarta, they can not leads him to do anything that benefit their party only. They has to let him and Jokowi, the candidate of governor, to do their job that being state in ther campaign.
  6. He is the first person who is asked for government transparancy for a long time in the DPR II meeting last year. He was demanding for government to gives responsibility to people about what did they done with the money.
  7. He demanding of system changes to have a better way in approaching problems.

His fav statement:

Fish that following mainstream is a dead fish, Salmon is a fish that move against the mainstream, that is the reason why Salmon is delicious.

I love this person after watch his several video. He gives a strong impression because he talks informally and realistically. The way he approach problems is also has a strong reasons and the solution also practical able. Hope that he can bring Indonesia to a new era. ^^

Facebook, youtube channel : ahokbtp, twitter basuki_btp

Below are several video that you can watch to confirm above information:

Mr. Basuki Tjahja Purnama Ask about Selection System
Raker Kom II dgn Mendagri & BNPP 21 Nov 2011

Hope that this information useful. ^^ Mr. Ahok Fighting!




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