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Taking for Granted

I think it refers to bad relationship. When one is the dominant while the other is the follower. Sometimes it also about abusive relationship.

Here is a simple way to explain the meaning. When you are in a relationship, you must be imagine it to be super happy. But.. Occasionally you will find someone takes you for granted. They dont respect you for who you are, they use you for their own convinience. Such a person unfortunately do exist. What do you want and what you are doing is not their concern. They want their needs to be fullfilled, as long as they happy… They wont ever be considerate towards you. Because you are suppose to make them happy.

This is my thought. How about yours?

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Hello.. it has been a long time

Hello my lovely reader… It has been a while since i posted something. Got lot of job recently and many occasion that need my full attention.

But… i will start posting… at least once a week. Wish me luck please. ^^

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I have some issue of my sensitivity. It is not like I am always being sensitive but I am always being insensitive. Sometimes, I pull out a jokes… which I thought it will be fun to discuss… but the other party thought that I really mean that. So crazy. Even though I have always with them, how can not they know the difference of being serious and joking.

Well… It’s been a while. But… Sorry that my first post after that long time is a complain. But I just can not figure it out. I have been with them for like a long time yet they can not understand my joke? How ridiculous is that?

Argh … I guess that People has their side of sensitivity… Like myself… I am being so easily upset when my moods is down or when I am busy. But, even though that is the way a human being use to be, they never allowed me to be upset at them.

I am really mad… So mad… How can people do that to other people? Asking them to never upset about their behavior but never do the same in return.

Is it me who is insensitive? or is it them?

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Debat Cagub dan Cawagub Putaran kedua

Setelah sekian lama akhirnya penantian ini berakhir juga. Jujur jika dilihat dari video ini, kelihatan sekali jika Jokowi dan Ahok adalah orang praktisi yang memang sudah melakukan survey lapangan dan menghasilkan suatu bentuk rencana yang dapat langsung dilaksanakan. Di lain pihak, Foke dan Nara lebih memberikan jawaban abstrak yang muluk-muluk.


Debat Putaran Kedua Pemilihan Gubernur Jakarta 2012


Sebelumnya ada artikel yang saya baca dan menggambarkan secara tepat mengenai debat di atas. Namun ketika saya mencoba untuk mencari artikel itu kembali, saya tidak menemukannya. Nanti jika saya temukan, akan saya tampilkan di blog. ^^

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Hm… Try to do this I guess. ^^


If you don’t want to read in English, here are alternatives:
Japanese —- Portuguese —- Chinese —- Spanish —- Russian —- Bahasa —- French —- Vietnamese

Want to show the boys your love for 6Jib? Here is a project that all ELF around the world are able to join, as long as you guy 6jib, so please read carefully
Who?: If you buy Super Junior’s 6th album and you are an ELF, you can join!
What?: Send in a short video clip (no more than 5 seconds) of you or a group of friends, with Super Junior’s 6th album!!
How?: Create a 5 second video clip

Don’t just stand/sit there in your clip!
Here are some ideas:
Jump out from behind a tree ★ Dance with it ★ Do a pose with it ★ Film yourself showing it to someone ★ Hold it in front of a Super Junior…

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This is The BEST!!!! ^^

Korean Chingu

Annyeong Chingudeul….I’m Back….Kali ini akan posting tentang variety show apa ajaaa sih yg pernah d perankan oleh Super Junior…Karena berdasarkan pengalaman pribadi, agak susah nih cari link buat semua variety show nya Suju. Nanti nya apabila ada variety show yang belum aku share d sini link nya, tolong di kasih comment ya, ntar aku cari in….Terima Kasih….


KBS Drama 090905 Super Junior’s Miracle Show Ep 1

KBS Drama 090912 Super Junior’s Miracle Show Ep 2

KBS Drama 090919 Super Junior’s Miracle Show Ep 3

KBS Drama 090926 Super Junior’s Miracle Show Ep 4

KBS Drama 091003 Super Junior’s Miracle Show Ep 5

KBS Drama 091010 Super Junior’s Miracle Show Ep 6

KBS Drama 091024 Super Junior’s Miracle Show Ep 8

KBS Drama 091031 Super Junior’s Miracle Show Ep 9

KBS Drama 091205 Super Junior’s Miracle Show Ep 14


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Hate Parent Hardship

Sorry if some of you get bored of my object of discussion. ^^
Super Junior recently being exposed in Star Theater Life. In one scene, they visit EunHyuk new house. At that time, I think that the house is giving a homy impression. Then, EunHyuk is interview with a question about how does he feel with his new house.

EunHyuk reveals his past. He say that his family is poor, in their house there is no sanitary ware or you can called it toilet. So, they needs to walks to the train station and use the general toilet in there. He confirm that he does not really complaining about being poor but he hate the most is seeing his parents work so hard. He does not want to see that so he always say to himself that he wants to work hard and giving the best for his parent.

This is one more lesson for me. I also never think about this. As i have explain in last post, mostly A child think that the hardship of their parent is something that natural. So, they do not think that much about their parent.

I think I will start to be more sensitive and giving my best for my family – instead of giving the beat for my parent who are never be there for me, i will giving my best to my family who is care about me even though I am being throw away by my own parent. I will work hard to love and give them the best. ^^

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